Focusing On The Positive

I was recently asked what my weaknesses are in an interview. I struggled with this question because honestly, I really haven’t thought about it or spent time figuring it out. All I’ve ever focused on is what are my strengths; what am I good at––the positive parts about me. This is almost ironic because I have now discovered that one of my weaknesses is actually that I tend to focus on the negative parts of a situation. When things are going really great, and there’s just one thing that is negative – I will focus solely on that and not even recognize all the positive things happening in my situation. This probably deals with my drive for achievement. I see everything that’s wrong and what I need to improve on – I don’t even give the positive things a second look.

Once in a while, a friend will say something or I’ll see something pop up on my newsfeed that is a reminder for why life is so great.  Having these reminders to find that silver lining and see the good in every situation is extremely important. I realize that this weakness of mine has been overcome by all the positive people in my life who always see the good in situations.

My goal going forward is to try and remind myself to focus on the positive and not always need others to do this for me. This weakness is probably true for many people, and we all need reminders like this every once in a while. Take a step back, look at your situation in a new light, and realize that there is always that silver lining.



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